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The Feds decisions to begin tapering in January removed the biggest unknown to bother investors in 2013.  We now believe that stocks can rally into 2014 with any correction probably delayed until April or later.    With tapering expected to increase interest rates 2014 will offer some exciting profit opportunities but in different areas then 2013.  Bob Jubb wants to guide you to some of these exciting ideas and history has shown that he can do just that.

In 2013 Bob recommended Ferro Corp in February at $5.53 in “tomorrow’s stock” and it enjoys a 2,060% ( .25 to $5.40) profit.  In May, Bob picked Micron Technologies which has climbed 106% while its January 2015 10 Calls are up 346%.  In July, he selected ViroPharma which has agreed to be acquired by Shire giving Members a 49% common profit and a 332% Call profit.  A glance at your free “tomorrow’s stocks” shows a number of other excellent performers.

Bob’s 2013 Stock Of The Year, Taser International, surged 75% while his 2013 Option Of The Year CREE calls jumped 205%. This year was a success for Bob and he believes 2014 will be an exciting and profitable year.

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Bob has written stock newsletters since 1969 and successfully guided his Readers through Bull and Bear Markets.  In 2014, he expects both rallies and a correction, with both offering some exciting profit opportunities.  Let Bob guide you in 2014 by ordering “tomorrow’s stocks” and receive Stock Of The Year as a bonus, or pick our best deal: The 2014 TRIAL Package which includes 3 months of “tomorrows stocks” and “tomorrow’s commodities” and the 2014 Stock Of The Year.  Help your 2014 profits with Bob’s newest ideas by ordering today!

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