Bob Jubb


Editor / Founder

Bob owned his first stock in 1954 when his Grandmother- Eleanor H. Marsh convinced him to invest his allowance in a few shares of United Fruit. The next year his Dad- Robert W. Jubb explained that McCord Corp was in a special situation and the stock was worth buying. Bob has been following stocks ever since – now some 59 years. He started his first investment newsletter- “Jubb’s Managed Portfolio” as a senior at Michigan State University in 1969, where he earned a BA in Finance. He also started an investment advisory service with two men in their 50’s in 1969 which was sold to a Detroit Brokerage firm in 1970. Bob then became an Auto Research Analyst for William C. Roney & Co. until 1973 when he started a merger and acquisition company. By 1975 he returned to the newsletter field by renaming Jubb Company Inc. to Techno Fundamental Investments Inc.

Thirty-eight years later he still writes “tomorrow’s stocks”, “tomorrow’s commodities” and “Stock Of The Year”. Bob studied technical analyst since 1957 when his Great Uncle- Wilbur Hosto introduced him to the Elliot Wave Theory and various other charting concepts. Bob also studied Edson Gould and Bert Larson’s techniques. As a writer, Bob has also written newsletters on mutual funds, gaming, sports cards and social trends. His hobbies are coin collecting, antiquing and investing. Bob has three adult children, all having worked for TFI at some time while his Daughter Charmalynn currently handles Membership Services along with Marketing.

To profit from Bob’s 59 years of investing expierence you should become a member of one or all of his investment newsletters and in this way gain insight to the challenging and profitable investing world.