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Techno Fundamental Investments Inc. was founded in 1969 as Jubb Company Inc. but changed to TFI in 1975 to represent the company’s technical and fundamental approach to stock and commodity selections. Editor and Founder, Bob Jubb, uses his Finance degree and experience to search out growing companies with solid balance sheets and promising futures. Bob then uses his 55 years of technical studies to find solid entities whose stocks are attracting a growing number of buyers.
In 1977 TFI acquired The Consultant along with its three newsletters and at this time TFI was writing 7 newsletters. TFI was big on computers in the 70’s, robotics in the 80’s, biotech in 90’s, agriculture in the 2000’s and today TFI in concentrating on small cap growth stocks as they usually out-perform most other stocks at this phase of the bull market. If you are looking for well researched solid companies with strong technical conditions become a subscriber to one or all three of TFI newsletters and we believe you will improve your investing success.

Meet the Team

[one_half first]Bob Bob owned his first stock in 1954 when his Grandmother- Eleanor H. Marsh convinced him to invest his allowance in a few shares of United Fruit. The next year his Dad- Robert W. Jubb explained that McCord Corp was in a special situation and the stock was worth buying. [/one_half]

[one_half]Charmalynn With her father’s passion for investing and a detail oriented personality, Char helps bring balance to the TFI team.[/one_half]


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